Beef and wild rice

Slice chilled steak into half-inch cubes. Season with gleeful amounts of black pepper, some steak rub, and some low sodium soy sauce. Let sit.

Slice carrots into small cubes or discs. Fill skillet with just enough water to cover them and bring to boil. Vaguely boil carrots for 5mins or so until softened. Meanwhile, mince garlic and/or other aromatics (onion, ginger).

When carrots are done, drain and set aside. Wipe down skillet and spray with a good amount of olive oil spray. Bring heat to high. Toss steak cubes in and stir fry. When steak is halfway done, throw in the minced garlic. When garlic is softened, add the carrots and (pre-cooked, low sodium) wild rice. Optional: frozen peas, diced peppers, or other colourful veggies. Add final boost of flavour with sesame oil, pressed ginger, garlic powder.

Verdict: Tasty and presentable. Well done me.


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