Basic one-pot spag bol

(This recipe uses angel hair pasta; if using spaghetti, linguine, or a slower-cooking pasta, boil for 3-4mins first, and then drain and set aside.)

In a large dry pot, sautee ground beef with pepper, garlic, diced onion (optional: finely diced carrots or mushrooms). Stir until meat is browned and no longer pink (3-4mins).
[The beef, onions, and mushrooms will release liquid, so you may need to drain the mixture before the next step.]

Stir in ~1/4-1/3 jar of red pasta sauce, as well as stock cubes or spices for more flavour. At this point, add the uncooked angel hair (or half-cooked other pasta), as well as optional leafy greens (e.g. chopped spinach, arugula, kale). Stir on high until the mixture boils; then turn heat to low and cover. Simmer gently until pasta is tender.


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