Creamy (but cream-free) lemon chicken soup

A good friend gave me this recipe, which I’m rewriting here because I need truly idiot-proof instructions.

Take one boneless skinless chicken breast (or two if cooking one to use in another dish) out of the fridge to warm up.
Pour one large carton of chicken broth into a pot and bring to a boil.
While waiting, peel and halve two or three large (or several baby) carrots, and peel and halve one large or medium onion. Put them into the broth immediately. (The vegetables need only be cut enough that they fit into the pot and are covered by the soup.)
Simmer the vegetables for at least 20mins.

When the vegetables are almost done, squeeze the juice of half a lemon directly into the pot, cupping a hand under it to catch the seeds.
Last, add the chicken breast to the broth. Cover and boil gently for another 6-8mins or until the chicken is cooked through.

Just before the chicken is ready, crack two eggs into a bowl and whisk.
When chicken is done, take the pot off the heat. Remove the chicken from the pot and set aside. (If making only one serving, reserve half of the cooked meat for use in another dish.)
Also remove the vegetables from the pot and set aside separately, to use in another dish (cheesy carrot and onion mash, anyone?).
Check that the chicken is done, and shred or cut up into largeish chunks. Then put it back into the soup.
Finally, drizzle the whisked eggs slowly into the slightly cooled soup, stirring gently so that the eggs “cream” the broth.
Pour into bowls (or containers, if storing some) and serve immediately. (Do not leave leftovers in the pot, or the pot on the stove, as this will cause the eggs to clump and separate.)

Verdict: Bright and comforting at the same time. Worth the small effort.


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