Ironic curried canned lentil soup

Verdict: This makes a quick, easy, and satisfying soup from canned lentils… by smothering the healthy promise of said lentils with processed fatty and salty things. One out of two ain’t bad?

You’ll need: garlic and onion; a can of lentil soup (I used a low sodium version, ha ha); half a can of coconut milk; Thai green curry paste and/or dry curry powder; and tomato paste (or leftover red pasta sauce).

Mince the garlic and onion (finer is nicer) and sautee in a small pot. When onions soften, add the whole can of lentils without draining. [Healthier alternative: drain the lentils and use low-sodium stock instead.] Add the curry paste to taste (I ended up using about four heaping teaspoonfuls) and stir in; add the dry curry powder if more heat is desired. Finally, stir in the tomato sauce [or crushed fresh tomatoes], which will add salt and flavour as well as (together with the milk and curry paste) bring the soup to a fairly thick and creamy consistency. You can also throw in some spinach to wilt if you have any on hand.


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