Curried chicken breasts + creamy pasta salad

This recipe makes two meals: a curried chicken breast to serve hot with veggies or grains (I like the microwaveable insta-steam green beans and potatoes, for instance), and a cold pasta salad for later.

Take one large or two small portions of chicken breast out of the refrigerator. Season with some salt and lots of dry curry powder.
Heat the oven to 425. Place the chicken in a small baking tray that’s been lightly misted with olive oil spray (if there’s too much oil, the spice rub will run), and cook for about 20mins until done.

Meanwhile, boil pasta shells for the second dish, drain thoroughly, and leave to cool in a food storage container. Once pasta is slightly cooled, add a bit of light mayonnaise, so that the oil in the mayo helps to stop the pasta from clumping. Refrigerate.
Then, prepare the vegetables or grains for the first meal.

When chicken is done, take it out of the oven and place on your serving plate. Let it rest for at least five minutes before serving. Let the second portion sit and cool even further while you’re eating.

When you’re ready to prep the second dish, cut the second portion of chicken into small cubes. Smother the cubes with even more curry powder, before mixing into the chilled pasta from before. Add a little more mayo and garlic powder to taste.

Verdict: Great. Chickpeas and/or sweet corn should work instead of (or in addition to) the pasta, too.


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