Deconstructed bacon, avocado, and sprout “sandwich”

I love bacon, avocado, and sprout sandwiches, but I find them impossible to eat in public/with one hand/without getting smears of avocado and stray bits of sprout all over yourself and your workspace. The obvious solution: toss it all in a bowl as a salad! This also increases the sprout-to-carb ratio of the dish. I also replaced the crunchy, tasty, colourful bacon with crunchy, tasty, colourful radishes — but of course you could use either or both.

Step 1. Toast a small slice of bread (I used half an english muffin) until it’s brown and crumbly.
Step 2. Meanwhile, cut up several raw radishes into little slivers. Put them into your serving bowl.
Step 3. Pull out your sprouts (I used a mix of alfalfa and radish sprouts), loosen, and toss with the radishes. The sprouts will form the “base” of the salad and are very low in calories, so use a lot!
Step 4. Slice an avocado into cubes and add to the bowl. Crumble the toasted bread (a la faux croutons) on top as well. Add salt (less if you’re using bacon), pepper, garlic powder, and perhaps a drizzle of olive oil (I of course used anchovy oil) if the avocado isn’t moist enough, and toss to combine.

Verdict: Nutrient-dense because of the sprouts and the radishes, satisfying because of the fat in the avocado, and, of course, delicious.