Salmon edamame salad

A lazy version of this great recipe, this salad in its most basic form takes three minutes and no cooking,  chopping, or even rinsing. All you need is: pouched salmon, frozen shelled edamame, bagged salad, pressed ginger, and pantry basics for the dressing. Optional: lime or lemon, avocado.

1. De-frost a handful of pre-cooked, pre-shelled edamame — it should take about 45 seconds in the microwave.
2. In your serving bowl, mix the dressing to taste: a good bit of sesame oil for the base, mixed with honey or sugar, soy sauce or tamari, pressed ginger, and lemon/lime juice or vinegar.
3. Open a packet of boneless skinless salmon (or drain a tin if you can’t find the pouched version) and mix with the dressing. Then toss in the salad leaves — any dark field greens will do, but I especially like anything with radicchio or red lettuce with this dish.
4. Finally, add the edamame. Sliced avocado also goes well with this, if you have some on hand.


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