Incredibly moist, absurdly simple flourless banana mug cake

Microwaveable mug cakes have gotten quite fancy these days, which rather goes against the spirit of the microwaveable mug cake IMHO. I am especially saddened by the recipes that require flour, which seems to me to be a messy and high-commitment ingredient that nobody owns these days unless they are fairly serious about baking. This is a nice, no-fuss “recipe” that you can make with literally one fork, one mug, one banana, one egg yolk, and some peanut butter.

1. To your mug, add a forkful of peanut butter and chunks from a ripe medium-sized banana. Mash well with said fork until until no lumps remain.
2. Add the yolk of one large egg, and honey/sugar if desired. Combine well. You can also throw in chopped nuts or instant oatmeal for more texture.
3. Microwave for ~1min or until cake is done. Dust with cinnamon. Serve immediately.


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