Pantry orecchiette

This dish is an even simpler version of this one-pan orecchiette recipe, and it cooks in about ten minutes, and mostly in the microwave.

Ingredients: orecchiette; sliced black olives, from a jar; chunky marinara sauce, from a jar; sausage crumbles, from the freezer; chickpeas from a can.

Cook the orecchiette in generously salted water according to packet instructions.
Meanwhile, heat frozen sausage crumbles in your microwaveable serving bowl until lukewarm (1-2min).
Then add the sliced olives, chickpeas, and sauce, and stir well. When the pasta is almost done, heat the mixture in the microwave until it’s warm (~1-2min).
Finally, drain the pasta well and add to the dish while still hot.
Optional: top with grated parmesan, or stir in crumbled feta cheese, baby arugula (which should wilt slightly in the heat), or fresh or dry herbs.


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