Four ingredient tuna, white bean, and arugula salad

For two servings you’ll need: baby arugula, a drained can of cannellini beans (or chickpeas), a can of good tuna in olive oil (I used Genova yellowfin tuna, and recommend yellowfin instead of the lighter-tasting albacore in this recipe), and a lemon wedge. And salt and pepper.

Add the tuna and the white beans to your serving bowl. Season the tuna and beans heavily with a LOT of black pepper, and season the beans with a bit of salt if needed. Then add in the arugula, dress with a spoonful or two of the olive oil from the tuna, and toss. Season the arugula with a little bit more salt if needed. Finish with the juice from the lemon wedge.

Optional extras: the zest from the lemon, toasted pine nuts, a bit of avocado (if using avocado, cut down significantly on the oil in the dressing so the dish doesn’t get too fatty).


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