Seaweed, cucumber and cilantro rice

Turn leftover white rice into a delicious side that tastes good cold or at room temperature. You’ll need: 1-2 mini cucumbers per portion, lots of shredded cilantro, seaweed flakes (or use sheets of seaweed and shred them yourself if you can’t find that), soba dipping sauce (or a bit of soy sauce and mirin or something else a little sweet), and a tiny pinch of red pepper flakes. The seaweed adds depth, the cilantro brightness, and the soba sauce umami to the fresh-tasting cucumber and rice.

How to: At the bottom of a bowl, pour out a small splash of soba sauce — not too much, as you can always add more at the end if needed. To the sauce add a few red pepper flakes (again not too much as we just want a tiny bit of heat to make things interesting) and stir a bit to infuse their flavour into the sauce.  Add your leftover rice and stir. Then add the cucumbers chopped into half-moons, the shredded cilantro, and the seaweed. Add more soba sauce if needed, and combine well before serving.

To add protein, you can mix in shelled edamame, shredded crab meat, or bits of smoked salmon. If serving with the salty salmon, use significantly less soba sauce to start with.


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