Reviews: Do not like

Oregon Chai original chai latte concentrate
This was MUCH too sweet. I usually get the Tazo version of the same (which you mix with an equal amount of milk), and I think this is even sweeter, which is appalling. I’m currently using these as shots to make flavoured milk, but I’m not pleased. Avoid.

Nasoya fettuccine shirataki “zero calorie” noodle
Tried this at the recommendation of Hungry Girl, whose recipes are usually brilliant. I bought it intending to use it in a creamy Italian-style dish, but then changed the plan to a Asian-style beef broth when I heard it didn’t work well as a pasta-substitute.

I am not a fussy eater (certainly not since I’ve had to eat my own cooking). I’ve liked pretty much all the foods and cuisines I’ve come across so far, especially Asian, and have no problem with most textures. However, these noodles are CREEPY. They are somehow gummy, but in a weirdly sprightly way; and even after significant rinsing there is a faint but disquieting aftertaste. I’m sure Japanese cooks are capable of making this delicious, but that skill set is beyond me. I actually thew them out, which is a rarity as I’m quite frugal about food. So, unless you know what you’re doing, AVOID and go with soba for Japanese- or Chinese-style noodle dishes, or spelt pasta for Italian.

Belvita breakfast chocolate biscuits
Mixed feelings about these. On one hand, they taste good, chocolatey but not too sweet (might be a little bland for those who have a very sweet tooth, but I liked them). On the other hand, they make me bloaty and burpy and unhappy — I think it’s the fibre overload. I will be consuming the rest of the packet very carefully, with one biscuit at a time. Verdict: worth a try if you’ve a strong stomach, but chocolate digestives are better.