Protein-packed pitas

Tuna salad (based on this and this):
Drain good canned tuna into a mixing bowl. Add chopped vegetables (I used shredded red cabbage and matchstick carrots, which you can microwave for 15 seconds to soften slightly; you could also use the traditional celery or cucumber), and throw in some sweet pickles or pitted olives for more flavour. Then mix with a touch of mustard, mayonnaise (optional), and a bit of salt and pepper to taste. Optional: add hummus or unsweetened peanut butter for even more protein and moistness.

Egg salad with hummus or smoked salmon:
Slice boiled eggs and season with salt, pepper, a dash of mayo, and either mustard or curry powder. Add shredded carrots, radish chips, and either spring mix or alfafa sprouts.


Radish and apple chip hors d’oeuvre

PSA: You can buy crisp, pre-sliced radish chips and top them with (almost) anything you’d top a cracker with, for an easy low-carb appetiser/snack/lazy eat-with-your-fingers dinner. Toppings that work well include: smoked salmon and avocado, cream cheese/ricotta and proscuitto, hummus and shredded carrots/red peppers/cherry tomatoes,  any pate or seafood salad.

You can also use apple slices as a base, and top them with sliced cheese and chutney, cream cheese and walnuts, etc.

Balanced bowls

Some balanced rice bowl options that follow the { grain + fatty protein + crisp vegetables + extras } formula:

Sushi rice + smoked salmon and avocado + seaweed or toasted kale + sesame seeds (based on this)
Sushi rice + edamame and avocado + seaweed or radish chips + sesame seeds (based on this)
Short/medium grain brown rice + an egg (poached, fried, or six-minute) and edamame + kale and red cabbage (based on this)
Brown rice + fried egg and cashews + radish chips and cilantro + soy-ginger dressing (based on this and this)